December is a time of celebration, of love, of light. Often our thoughts go to what gift giving. I believe especially this year when many of us have had to cut back on our  spending that it gives us an opportunity to truly give a gift from the heart. A gift that will inspire.

I am so happy to be a part of Aspire Magazine’s Mission to Inspire because it gives me the opportunity to touch the lives of 100,000 women. If you haven’t yet claimed your free subscription to their e-zine which is full of articles to inspire by today’s thought leaders and conscious business owners.

By subscribing yourself and sharing this with others, you can give from the heart a gift of inspiration. Not only will you get the free subscription you will have access to over 50 other free gifts from the Team Inspiration partners. Click here to be inspired!

As a team inspiration partner, I have received the gift of learning how to add plugins to my website, like sg-tweet and aweber integretion . By the way you can get a free trial to A-Weber for just $1. I also learned how to actually publish an e-book and be able to house it where people can read  and download it. That is at YouPublish . To get your copy of Writing the PiggyBack Way, please subscribe to my new  list (in the sidebar) and you will get the private link to the book. It is chockful of simple ideas to make writing FUN and EASY for any child. A gift that will inspire the writer in any child. A perfect gift for friends who are parents and teachers. Please share the link to my website so they can get their copy.

In closing,  a gift from the heart can be as simple as a hand-written note to a freind, a book of stapled together printer page with pictures drawn by your child. Take the time to look to your heart and give a gift that inspires.

Happy Holidays!

Next Week Look for a story prompt about Rudolf the PiggyBack Way!


Write a Thankful Book

November — really my favorite o all time holiday Thanksgiving! the only real American  holiday and mix that in with “The Secret” the universal laws of attraction — AND YOU CAN’T MISS A BIG WIN WITH YOUR KIDS!

So here it is I am giving it away

I am thankful for _________________ (as many pages as you wan illustrate with either photos or drawings)

And most of all I am thankful for _________________  ( reflect on this and have it be the most important item for the year.)

That’s the text — Here is the gift

Brainstorm with you child. Take the opportunity to reflect on the last year since last Thanksgiving.Look through the photos from the year. which ones really spoke the moment? Have that heart to heart conversation with your child.

What do you and your family have to be thankful for, what have you been blessed with?

This might make the perfect gift for someone in your family or community?Could you do a book for dad?, auntie, teacher, …..

Could you take this “Frame” and individualize it to give a unique gift to everyone?

The easiest way to do this is to go to this site to make your book That is my heritage makers site -which until I get my site up is the next best thing.

I thank everyone who views this site and applaud you for honoring what you have been blessed with.

I am grateful for all who see the vision of PiggyBack Books.

Happy Thanksgiving!