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This is perfect for the child who says I hate writing and doesn’t even like to draw or for a teen.

1. Decide what you will write about. If you are going to give this as a gift. You could tell a special story about the person you are givign the book to. Is it a story about a family trip or memory. Is it completely original? Or will you retell a classic in your own words. Like the 3 Bears or Rudolf?

2. You will need to set up 3 free accounts:

  • Twitter Account for this story or your child’s name – because the title of the book will be one of three choices My Tweet Book @twittername – or @ twittername My Tweets
  • TweetCall free to sign up. Has to match twitter account. Then tweet away your story. Tweet call transcribes it on to twitter. Once your story is done in 144 character  bits – up to 200 tweets you are ready to get it published on:
  • Tweet Bookz you will have 4 cover choices to choose from. The back cover is kind of an  about the author  page with information from your profile. So make sure you customize that.Once you are ready to publish you can go through and take tweets out that you don’t want.

As I am writing this I am seeing how great this would be to do on the way home from school each day – a journal of your child’s life. Or each day you could ask questions of your child about different topics and capture their answers. Or describing a pet., favorite place, special event.

The possiblitilies are endless

Tweet Away!