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Inspire a 100,000 Women in 2010

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Writing the PiggyBack Way:

A Guide for Parents

Writing the PiggyBack Way

This guide is available free of charge as a special gift to you. It was originally designed for the Aspire: Mission to Inspire Campaign. Our intent is that you are inspired by Writing the PiggyBack Way to start spending time with the children in your life experiencing the interconnectedness of thinking, speaking, writing, & reading and the creativity of artistic expression as well as the wonders of science and the world.

For those who are here visiting my site and have not been to the Aspire, Mission to Inspire, link to the side – make sure to do so! There are many free gifts available (Original offer through February ‘10)

FREE for a limited time only!

Writing the PiggyBack Way is packed with ideas from my 25 years in the classroom, and the first edition of a full version that will cost a premium. I promise you hours of enjoyment learning new ways to empower your child as an author and  illustrator. It contains many of the ideas that will have launch on the edu-tainment scene next year as a huge success. This is your opportunity to be the first to enjoy Writing the PiggyBack Way.

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