The Little Sand Shark

(This was drawn by one of our author/illustrators. He “piggybacked” off of the Little Red Hen to write his own version “The Little Sand Shark” who instead of baking bread he makes a Kelp Cake)

This Writing made Easy not Hard, Fun not Boring!

PiggyBack Books has created an amazing writing program designed with your school, youth program, family and your children in mind!

Does your child have a great imagination?

Does your child love art?

That’s all it takes to be an author the PiggyBack Way.

Imagine your child actually loving writing? Why? Because her whole self was part of it! Why? he got to act out the story – prior to writing it! Why? Because  – art is at the heart of it! Why? Because each child who participates in our programs will publish his/her own book! Really a hard cover book!

See your child reading the book they wrote! Being proud and self confident!

PiggyBack Books has  handpicked the best of the best to teach your children – fully credentialed, experts in writing, art, and drama.

No matter where you live we can customize a program or your child to write his/her own PiggyBack Book!

Our system is so easy I can coach you in person or over the phone or internet.

If you are with in 50 miles driving distance of Long Beach CA,we can arrange

  • Private one on one sessions @ a rate of $50/hour (with package discounts available)
  • Weekly or bi-weekly small group programs for your youth programs at school or community site. (Internet access is needed, wireless with laptop or commuter lab) This will consist of 8 -90 minute sessions at a cost of $200 per child. (a $400 savings over private) Minimum of 6 students Maximum of 12. Same ability level required.
  • Author in a Day Camps: Perfect for those Teacher Training Days – when your kids are off but you are not? In one day (9-5), we will work with between 10 and 12 students taking them through the writing process in a day to write their own “group hardcover book”. The day will be filled with writing, art, drama, and loads of fun! $95. includes a 10% donation to your child’s PTA or Foundation.
  • Private PiggyBack Book Parties: Similar to the Camps – but in a private home. The host family does the work of getting 5-7 friends, family of similar age together to co-author a book. Only one book is co-authored. The host family gets free “tuition” and only pays for cost of publishing their book. Everyone else pays $85. Perfect for Youth Groups, Slumber Parties, Soccer Teams, etc…
  • Family Write Nite: One time only 2 Hour Free Live Event at your school or church or youth organization. We come in and do a highly interactive session where everyone will leave having taken part in writing a group “PiggyBack Book”.
    • We strongly suggest that this be used to kick off a fundraiser for your group. Following this we can set up a program where children sign up for a series of classes and or we can work with the teachers to have everyone write their own book and then once published use to sell to friends and family. A % of each book sale will go back to your group. We can customize this to meet your needs. Email us for more information.
  • Birthday Party Packages: Starting as low as $50. for a birthday book for your child from all of his/her friends. For $200 for 2 hours we will come to your party and do a theme based activity, where the children will create their own dramatic play based on the theme of your party. We work with you and your child ahead of time to make this the perfect celebration. We will video this whole process and transcribe it in to a book and/or DVD which will be sent to your guests following the party. We can also customize to suit your needs and budget.

If you are not near Long Beach, we can arrange:

  • All of the above if you
    • pay for travel expenses OR
    • connect me to a teacher in your area that I can train via phone/or in person to facilitate/supervise the sessions (She/he will be compensated generously following the training.
  • Private one on one sessions over the phone and/or internet @ a rate of $50/hour (with package discounts available)

We look forward to empowering your child as an author!

  • Sibling discount of 10%,
  • Referral Fees of  10%
  • 100% money back guarantee – if your child doesn’t love the result and the experience – no questions asked.
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