Thank you to all who participated in the webinars – we are now concentrating based on the feedback of the webinars to do live events. Webinars will be part of the advanced training based on our intial experiences.

Thank you for being interested and please send info and ?’s to


Everyone is familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. – Now what if you could write your own version, you choose who is in it, where and when the story happens, and how it ends.

You get to draw the pictures, and then you can choose to have the book professionally published.

I will even show you sell your books  to friends, family, neighbors, and/or be used a fundraiser for your favorite charity.

All PiggyBack-ers – must have at least one parent or guardian with the webinar and who also agrees to help them through the entire process.

Webinar tuition covers up to 5 child participants per family – dialing in/or accessing the web from the same computer/phone.

Make sure to send all your contact information to so you can attend the free 30 minute introduction.

Each webinar  is scheduled weekly for 45 minutes for 8 weeks and includes a down-loadable activity guide (sent weekly to keep you on track), a discount on publishing, 30 minutes of private coaching to be booked at least 1 week in advance, and a founding membership in (once the “real deal” launches)

Thursdays 4pm pdt March 19 – May 7

Saturdays 9am pdt March 21 – May 9

Thursdays  7pm pdt March 26 – May 14

Saturdays 9am pdt March 28 – May 16

Please contact me directly if you have a home-school group, are a private or charter school or classroom, youth organization, after-school program , etc… (this applies to anyone having more than 5 children) We can work out a special arrangement and time for you to PiggyBack as a community.