Write to Read!


After 25 years as an award winning educator, I (Dorothy Fest – founder and CEO of PiggyBack Books) left the classroom to pursue entrepreneurship. In the summer of 2008, I realized I while  writing a chapter for the recently released WakeUp Women Be Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy, the need to be creative. I asked myself why had I not seen this before? And then it hit me! I had everyday in the classroom I did nothing but create! Then I saw what had been missing in my entrepreneurial journey, that even-though I indeed had an acumen for business, loved being out in the world connecting with entrepreneurs and leading teams, I saw the passion wasn’t there! The passion of doing what you love – the passion needed to really breakthrough into financial abundance was missing! I had been chasing the cash! instead of my dreams and passions!

That’s when PiggyBack Books was born. I asked myself:

  • How can I bring the passions I have to be creative, to run a business that makes a difference and taps into my gifts and talents?
  • What would fulfill my life’s  purpose and ultimately be a very successful business venture?

Like a lightening bolt , I saw almost all of what PiggyBack Books will become as a vision – how I could create a new and empowering, dynamic, FUN website that got kids writing, connecting with their families and learning about entrepreneurship.

Thank you for learning how PPB got started and I am so excited to have you see it evolve.