Below is an email you can use to copy and send to your list. PBB needs at least 400 more votes to get a grant for 25K  Please help us by votin/rating it at
My friend, Dorothy  Fest, needs our SUPPORT!  Her business will really help children learn to be authors and entrepreneurs. She was a 1st grade teacher for 25 years and is taking her expertise and taking the method she used to get her 1st graders to write 6 to 10 books a year to a website – it will also empower them as entrepreneurs. It is called PiggyBack Books  <>

Here is what she needs to win a $25,000 Grant with Intuit Small Business United:
She is a finalist because her original story finished 20 out of over 2000 entries.
Please support her:
She is currently ranked #34 out of 50 finalists and she needs 400+ votes to be considered by the judges for one of the top 5 prizes.(40% based on ratings, 40% based on quality, 20% based on Creativity)


1. Watch her video Toto We’re not in Kansas Anymore; The Journey from Educator to Entrepreneur <×9KIlpWr3QVhacfA8pyY>
2. Rate it — to the left of the video click on Inspiring
3. Sign in or sign up to the Intuit Small Business United Community — make sure the user name is unique (not outlined in red)
[She assures me they do not spam and send you all kinds of emails! -- really - if they do just unsubscribe when they do]
4. That will rate the video as inspiring then you can also rate it funny and useful
5. and most important please send this out to as many people as you can – you can do this by using the Share this Video link on the side of the video  or by calling your friends etc…

Thank you so much, this is a fabulous business that will make a huge difference in the world for children, getting this grant will make it possible to get the business off the ground.