This is the cover of the latest PiggyBack Book



At a one day camp in Oakland 8 friends got together to write and illustrate this book. It was an amazing process. I went into the camp thinking the kids would chose the jungle or space for the setting –not the White House! I was not prepared, especially in a one day setting. However, the results speak for themselves. To read this charming book, in it’s entirety you can go to If you’d like to purchase one, please do. (Blurb by the way has a fairly simple software program to publish your own books)

Upon reading the book, you will see how much the kids are involved in the journey of writing the book. It really is like a journey. The 1st session is all about getting inspired and brainstorming, from there we start the decision making of what our plot will be, then illustrating, and writing of the final draft. We use all the technology I speak of in this blog to make it fun and interactive. This is not about putting pen to paper it is about the creative process and the result. It gets kids to love writing – so that they will chose to pursue it.

We’ve got a Spring Break Program in Long Beach. April 5-9 from 9-noon. See pages to the right for more info.

I will be appearing at Chick-fil-A in Irvine on the 30th for a “Family Write Nite” from 5-8pm.

Also starting up After School Book Programs on Tuesdays and Thursday starting mid April. See Pages to the right for more information.