This book was written the PiggyBack Way

"I wrote this book! It was fun!" - Try an Author in a Day Camp

Get Some Friends Together & Author a Book!

This month we are very excited to fully launch our PiggyBack Book Author Camps and Private PiggyBack Book Parties. (See details on specific pages)

Basically our camps and parties take all the HARD out of writing a book. You either sign up for one of our Author Camps at one of the  libraries/schools listed or you can contact us and we schedule a Private Party in your home.

10-16 children come  together at one our camps or 5-10 if it is at your home and we make a game out of writing a book/s.  Using technology such as flip cams, digital recorders, and templates the story comes together – we can’t give away all our secrets. Depending on interest, age, ability of children we sometimes break up into smaller teams to create the book. (Resulting in perhaps 2-3 books per camp) By the end of the camp/party, each child will have collaborated with his/her team to co-author and illustrate a book.

PiggyBack Books then compiles all the “rough data” story and illustrations – does final editing & revision work sends the book off to be published. Books are then delivered 2-3 weeks following the session.

If it sounds like fun, talk it up with your friends! We would love to have you become one of our authors!