” Excuse the Dust!” I am learning wordpress and soon will have it nailed. In the meantime…

I am so glad you made it to the first version of what promises to be a website that both young authors and entrepreneurs and their families will enjoy. With in the year (fingers crossed for a September launch!) young authors will have a fun, interesting, highly interactive website to create their original masterpieces and then be empowered to market their books and book packages  as well as learn about entrepreneurship!

In the meantime, I am happy you are here to learn more about the web-inars and workshops for young authors and their families that will be conducted via webcast nationwide and locally live in Southern California.

  • Web-inars will be scheduled to accomodate all time zones  and family schedules. The webinars will take place over 8 sessions (once a week) 45 min.  in length and will be recorded if you need to miss one or two.  The webinar will take the author and their family through the whole PiggyBack Book™ system from imagining the story to writing to illustrating to publishing and even marketing your books. All webinar participants will receive story journal updates each week to help them in writing the best book possible. Go to the Webinar page to learn more about upcoming themes and logistics.
  • Live Workshops in Southern California If you live in Southern California I will be hosting weekly live seminars in Long Beach and the Irvine area. If you are part of a Charter , Private or Home School Community – or a Children’s group or Church, customized live workshops and presentations can be arranged.