First of all – this doing my website as a blog thing is not really working for me. I commit to updating at least once a month – until a wonderful friend – creates a temporary “real site – corporate site.

A September to remember – as a teacher, Septembers are always full of excitement and rebirth – this September I truly feel I am giving birth to PiggyBack Books in a
way that will make a huge difference for children and educators in the world.

This September marks my 3rd September since stepping away from my traditional teaching career. What I have discovered this past year, that at heart I am and always have been a teacher – all about making sure every child can say – I am special – I matter.

That said I would like to relate a personal AHA moment I recently had. While doing  a presentation about PiggyBack Books – the feedback my audience gave me was they didn’t get PBB! didn’t get my committment! I was shocked – to say the least — I have been pouring my heart into this really my whole career and especially this last year – how could they not get my commitment to this??

That night, right before drifting off to sleep – I asked – what was off – what am I not communicating – how can I express my vision so others get PBB and the difference it will make, how special it is?

Wow the dreams I had! I was back on the playground in Kindergarten – sharing that my mom had just told me my twin and I were adopted – and that meant we were special!  forward dreamstyle I was telling the audience from that day – that I was adopted and that meant we were special. Flash back – next day on the Kindergarten yard. –I saw them asking  their parents – Am I  adopted? I want to be special. Their  parents told them “adopted doesn’t mean special it means the real parents don’t want you!” Which of course in the next frame – a big group of kindergartners came up and told me the “truth”  Fast Forward – the audience chanting back – you’re not special – you’re not special – (of course their real feedback was much more subtle than this) All of this was really no surprise – I had worked through this aha – so many times I knew that was when I decided it is not safe to share your dreams or what is special about you with anyone. Thought I had worked through all that – right? Wrong! there are just too many layers  of the proverbial onion. (just got something – onions make you cry – HELLO!)

Anyway – back to the story- When I woke up, I immediately spoke with a friend who had been in the audience and shared my bizarre dreams. She said – Dorothy don’t you get it? You created PiggyBack Books – so every child can say, “I am special- I wrote this book!”

It was like a 2×4 hit me on the head — Yes that was it! – God gave me this gift – gave me that wonderful opportunity at age 5 to tap into my talents and develop my capacities – set the path in motion to bring PiggyBack Books to the world. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know too many !’s – if you don’t know already I am all about breaking the rules. )

So here I am preparing for September in a whole new way. Over the summer I really started to see the Home School and Unschooling Movement and how it is really going to transform how children are educated – I mean this is really huge! I saw – I/PBB can make a huge difference there – they will see how fun and interactive and empowering PBB is for their kids!

My other big AHA – I don’t have to do it alone – there are so many wonderful teachers who are recently credentialed or recently displaced – who love kids – who are creative – who think out of the box – and if education is transforming – PBB will be leading the way and I am committed as CEO that teachers with vision  and creativity be paid their worth and be part this transformation. I just posted on Craig’s List yesterday this opportunity – I have over 30 qualified teachers to choose from this is an extraordinary time! I  am so grateful and full of the abundance that life is – Thank you for the blessings!

August 20th, 2009 will go down in my life as one of benchmarks in PBB history.

Please go to the page labeled Home School to learn more about the programs to begin in September.